Sunday, May 11, 2014


It has been so long since I have posted on here I don't even know where to start! I know that I have missed blogging so much and it was a New Year's Resolution of mine to start blogging again. It helps me to get in the everyday habit of blogging by doing some kind of 30 day challenge and linkups. If anyone has any great suggestions for one please let me know!

I moved back to my hometown, Lexington, KY, a little over a month ago and I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's funny when I was younger and I couldn't wait to get out of here, now I don't ever want to leave. Nashville was a fun place for the 8 years that I was there, but it was time to move on and REALLY grow up-finally. More on all that later.

In honor of my move back to Lexington, these are some of the things that I truly missed the most:

Keeneland-the most beautiful race track in the world.

The University of Kentucky and my WILDCATS of course. It's just not the same when you live somewhere else!

The gorgeous horse farms and the beautiful scenery. Its so nice to see so much green grass again. I love that you have this just minutes away from Downtown. Its the best of both worlds.

My favorite local shops of course!!! Two of my favorite things, the Lilly Store, and the biggest bestest bookstore ANYWHERE-Joseph Beth.

I love all of these and so much more, but the most important things that brought me back are my family, great friends, and a job that I love. NOTHING is more important than those, as I have learned.

Stay Pink and Preppy!



  1. I love all of the horse photos and the shopping really is great!



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