Friday, April 15, 2011

Gratitude List

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I had such a bad day yesterday, that it is only appropriate to post a gratitude list today. I truly believe that gratitude lists help me turn my negative attitude around and gain the right perspective again.

1. I am so grateful for the special comments that I got regarding my post yesterday. You ladies really started my day off right and gave me the reassurance that I needed. Thank you SO much.

2. I am grateful that I just won these Lilly shorts on Ebay tonight:

3. I am so grateful to be off the next 2 days with Kat!!!

4. I am so grateful to be going to the Sugarland Concert tomorrow night. Little Big Town opens for them and the best part is we are on the 8th row on the floor. YAY!!! I will post about this Sunday I am sure.

5. I am so grateful for my manager, Alissa, who took the time to talk with me this morning about everything that happened yesterday. She related to everything that I was saying and had even been in a similar situation with the same person. She told me a few things that we need to do and that will happen so I don't have to go down to the other hotel anymore.

6. I am so grateful for the greatest Mom in the world, who's birthday is today-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I love her for so many reasons, one is that she always surprises me with Kroger cards in the mail, which is her way of making sure I am eating good food and that I have enough money. She is the best!

7. I am so grateful for my paycheck today! I was able to pay for all my ebay purchases AND my insurance was finally taken out, which means I will get my card anytime-this has been a HUGE mess. Yay!

8. I am so grateful that Cait of Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous put my pen pal Katelyn of Elephant Ears and I together! We have so much in common and I am really really enjoying getting to know her. Finding her letter in the mail always makes me smile and its so nice to get snail mail!

9. I am so grateful that I read about Fage greek yogurt on someone's blog (sorry I can't remember who, it was a while ago). It is the best yogurt ever and I LOVE it. I have always hated yogurt and don't get anywhere near enough calcium, but this stuff is da bomb. The greek yogurt is on one side and the fruit is on the other so you can mix it together. Try it.

10. I am so grateful for followers and comments, they make me smile and I really have developed some great friendships through them. Please become a follower and send me a link to your blog so I can do the same. I love love love blogs now more than Facebook-so hard to believe I know!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Awesome Post!
    I am LOVING Blogging too...and all my followers & comments! Isn't it an awesome online community?
    I'm starting to like in more than FB too.
    Happy bday to your mom....and I'm going to check out that yogurt!

  2. i love these gratitude posts! yes, it's so difficult not to pay attention to problems. this is a great reminder to remember blessings!

  3. I am so very glad that it all worked out for you. It seems to me the lame people seem to always get away with it. And on the other side of the coin the HARD workers simply work harder! I too love reading and commentin on blogs. I do not have my own blog due to privacy issues. The hubby is high profile, so I have to keep it to reading and comments. Love your blog! Congrats on the Lilly score! I just scored 2 yards (uncut) of my FAVE fabric for my fabu seamstress to whip me up a few little something specials! Live for LILLY!

    Happy Weekend,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. love the lilly shorts--i have a feeling we would have quite the fun time playing in each other's closets! have fun at the concert!

  5. I love this post and those shorts!

    I just found your blog today and I would love for you to come check out my blog and follow back! :)


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara