Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting to Know You

I am linking up with Keely at Mannland 5 for Getting to Know you. I love these questions and love reading all the answers every week!

1. What's your favorite rainy day activity?
Reading and Blogging.
Enjoying this one right now!!!
2. What time do you go to bed?
I don't get off work most nights until 11 so I usually don't go to bed until around 3.
3. How many magazines do you subscribe to?
WAY to many to name. Somehow I started getting all of these subscriptions and they change them up every once in a while. It is actually pretty cool, I never know which one will show up. They need to be organized though! I would love something cute and bright like this:
4. Did you sell all your belongings because you thought the world was ending yesterday?
No way.
5. What's your beauty obssesion?
Essie Nail Polish
6. If you could only wear one designer/brand for the rest of your life...what would it be?
Lilly Pulitzer of Course!
7. What's your summer must have?
Flip Flops, Sundresses, anything preppy. Can't narrow it down to just one!
8. Do you make weekly dinner menus?

Today is Day 22 of the Kelly's Celebrity Blog Challenge and it is your favorite male athlete.

Michael Phelps
Being the HUGE UK fan that I am my favorite male athletes are Wildcat Basketball Players and former players.
Deandre Liggins
Terrence Jones
Josh Harrelson

It was of course cloudy on my day off today, but still nice and warm! I swear I am not meant to go to the pool or something!!!

Happy Sunday!!!



  1. OMG I LOVE MICHAEL PHELPS! During the summer Olympics I always made sure my family was home so I could watch his races! haha I even made my family come back early from dinner at the beach so I could watch him race! haha {{and I may have his book and calendar...}} is that creepy? haha

  2. I love Michael Phelps

    Thanks for linking up
    Have a great week

  3. I spent two days in a row at the pool.
    Finally a "smidge," of color! Whew, school is out in 10 days! Then, my bikini is my OOTD everyday! Cheers to Lilly...I did a Lilly jack o' lantern this fall after seeing that image! So fun! Essie polish rocks, did a mani with Funny Face last night! Happy Monday!
    (love the new header look)

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. I'm obsessed with Essie nail polish too!

  5. I feel like the weather is always perfect when I am at work, then on the weekends it stinks!! What gives? haha I'm glad it was at least warm for your day off!

  6. I would definitely wear just Lilly for the rest of my life if I had to choose! I love sundresses for summer, too--I couldn't live without them!

  7. Is essie as good as OPI? I've heard many good things about it!

  8. Micheal Phealps in my homeboy. I love him.

    I also love sundresses which is what I live in for real in the summer. That and a bathing suit.

  9. Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I loved this post, I will have to link up next week! :)

  10. i looovee essie nail polishes too! and i've been dying to read true prep.

    Also, I have a giveaway going on at my blog for a $20 gift certificate to Green Apple Paperie if you're interested. They have super cute stuff!


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