Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger How I Missed Thee

As all of you probably know blogger was down all day yesterday. Fail. I had to resort to wasting time on Facebook and after being on here so much it really doesn't appeal to me anymore. I missed reading everyone's posts yesterday and did not get to Post Pink and Green Thursday or the Celebrity Blog Challenge. No blogger=saddest day ever this week. So, That just means a few more posts today!!! 
I arrived home from work last night to a UPS Box waiting for me and wouldn't you know it was from Lilly!!! NOTHING makes my day more than this. Here are a few of my pink and green summer goodies I received yesterday and some summer pics thrown in. It is a dreary rainy day here today so of course its my day off!!! Here to Lilly and Summer!!!

These were waiting for me when I got home the other night.
My favorite Spring/Summer Flowers. Tulips and Daisys!!!

Lilly Pulitzer Beach Cooler in Limeade Floater!!!
I love it and its much cuter in person, it has seahorses all over and
the best part is the bottle opener that is also a corkscrew!!! LOVE IT!!!

The Lilly Sailor Bracelets-the pink and green is for me of course and thank you
 Mrs. Kindergarten for talking me in to finally ordering them, love them!

 Watermelon and Kiwi yummy! Perfect Summer center piece.

 Summer Freedom

I am so ready for summer!!! Our pool is open, but all this nasty weather and working has kept me you away! Hoping for Sunshine this weekend!!!  

Happy Pink and Green Thursday on Friday!!!

I will be back with Celebrity Blog Challenge posts.


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  1. I love the Lilly sailor bracelets. I wear the pink and green one every day!

    XOXO Hannah

  2. I was so annoyed by blogger being down, ha! Funny how attached we've become. Love your Lilly loot!

  3. Sara~

    Would you know I JUST picked up the cooler for my month at the beach! It is UBER~cutey in person, I couldn't agree more! I will be toting it along with my Lilly beach towels and gator clips to sit near the Gulf so soon!

    I do believe you and I have similar tastes! Here's to Lilly, laughin' and LIFE! Great post love love the flowers too!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. Hi there - the Lilly tote is adorable - love the classic Lilly colors - I'm going to be in Delray Beach tomorrow- think I'll check their Lilly store and see if they have the bracelets (thanks to you, too, Mrs. Kindergarten since, I guess, you're the starter of the trend!)

    Happy blogging and Happy Saturday!

  5. bracelets are cute! that watermelon centerpiece looks sooooo yum!
    have a good weekend!


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