Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Celebrity Challenge Day 10

So today is day 10 of the Celebrity Blog Challenge from Kelly at Kelly's Avenue. I am really having fun with it! You need to link up below and join us!!!

Celebrity Blog Challenge

So the challenge for day 10 is a celebrity or celebrities you'd love to hang out with. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Real Housewives series, especially Beverly Hills and Orange County. New York is growing on me, but I really love Bethenny and am so glad she has moved on to bigger things! That being said, I would love to hang out with these ladies for a day-I know it would be LOTS of fun!!!

Adrienne Maloof-LOVE her husband too. They make me laugh!!!

Kyle Richards-Don't mind her sexy husband Mauricio and her girls are gorgeous!

Lisa Vanderpump-Love Love Love this woman! I would have hours of fun just walking through her house and closets. Wouldn't mind eating at Villa Blanca either!

Taylor Armstrong-LOVE her as well. I would LOVE to kick her husband's worthless behind.
Notice 2 housewives are absent. I would not spend time with either one of them unless you paid me!

These 2 Housewives of Orange County would keep me in stitches all day long!!!

And who could forget Bethenny!!! Love her and want to be just like her!!! She is super funny, very successful, and has the cutest baby ever. Her husband isn't to bad either. I am glad they are so happy. I would love to pick her brain.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I'd love to hang out with some real housewives too! Their lives always seem exciting and filled with lots o drama! lol!

  2. I love Bethenny! I'd definitely hang with her and her cute little family! :)


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara