Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Fridays!!!

Hey all you beautiful people! Today was a gorgeous day in Nashville-85 and sunny-and of course it had me thinking about spring and summer fashion. I have linked up with Kori at Blonde Episodes for Fashion Fridays. Click the image above to link up. Spring and Summer preppy clothes were on my mind today and I love all of these looks and preppy spring items. All images are courtesy of Tumblr.

Right up my alley in Pink and Green of Course.

Sperrys but in brighter colors. I have to admit I don't own a pair yet, but they are on my list.

Love this classic look. I am known at work for my sweaters with the
cuffs out. Love the bracelets too.

I am not a nautical girl, but I know a lot of you are and I realy liked the colors.

Perfect preppy daytime look.

Love this look for Keeneland or another spring event.

Kiel James Patrick Bracelets are so fabulous. One of these would look
good paired up with the Lilly sailor bracelet I talked about yesterday.

This preppy blazer would be cute for work.

One of my favorite classic shirts I own. Perfect coverup.

Not loving the hair. but the jeans, trench, and Sperrys complete the look.

Great skirt for work and I love the Jacks. Have to admist don't own a pair of
those yet either. Another of my must haves this year.

Hope you enjoyed these preppy spring looks. They definitely inspired me to get into those closets and see what I can put together. I really really would love to have the bikini. It was posted under collegekelly on Tumblr.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am somehow blessed with tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday off and I couldn't be happier. I have so many books to read and the pool is just calling my name. Be sure to check back tomorrow, I will be hosting my first giveaway, which I am really excited about. Happy Easter to everyone and enjoy the weekend.

Happy Friday,

P.S. I am fairly new to the blogging world and really enjoy discovering bloggers. Please become a follower on here, send me a link to yours, and I will be happy to do the same.


  1. Thanks for linking up honey!!!! Great post! I love that bikini! Kori xoxo

  2. Darrrrling bikini!
    That will be haunting my mind ALL day!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  3. so cute girl :) LOVE IT! happy friday to ya!

  4. I'm LOVING that bikini! And girl, you need to get a pair of JR's, for sure! Have you seen the ones they have at Target that are almost identical?

  5. Send some sunshine to KY girl- it's been rainy and gross here! I have some Sperrys on my list too! Happy Easter!

  6. so funny you posted a monogrammed bikini, because i have one! in high school i ordered a cheap navy bikini from victoria's secret and took it in to my favorite monogram shop and had them do my monogram on the top! it's super cute!

  7. WHERE is that anchor bag from!?!?!??! I am OBSESSED with all things anchor... I need this bag.

  8. Thanks for sharing!! All of these things are so cute!

    Holly =)

    P.S. I love reading your blog =)

  9. Love these preppy looks! :) I have some Sperrys and love em so let me give you a piece of advice...I usually take a sz 9 shoe but wish I'd gotten an 8.5 because these stretch out a bit. Now, this question is asking for advice!! You wear sweaters & button downs? Please tell me how to perfect this look! I have such a hard time because I feel like my button down always looks wrinkly beneath my sweater or cardigan. help me! :)

  10. So kinda weird. The girl in your photo with the trench coat, Sperry's and Starbuck's....was in my sorority in college. She writes a fashion blog. It was funny. I strolling through looking at your pics and then there she was. Haha. :)


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