Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Fabulous Giveaway!!!

These giveaways are really starting to rack up around here and they seem to just get better and better!!! With each new day I find a new one and its even better than the last one-I would be happy to win ANY of them and the more I post about them the better chance I have. Without further ado, this giveaway is from one of my favorite bloggers, College Prep and it is for something I have been coveting ever since I saw them, but just haven't had the extra money to buy them. One lucky reader will win a pair of these

A pair of MONOGRAMMED pair of rainboots from Zoubaby. With all the rain that spring brings, these will be perfect to keep my feet nice and dry. I of course would get the traditional font in Hot pink. Love them love them love them. And college prep is giving away a pair to one lucky winner! Find the details of her giveaway here. Here blog is just fabulous and is definitely one of my favorite reads. The winner will be drawn on April 15!!!

Good Luck!!!



  1. just submitted my entry for the giveaway!!

  2. What an awesome giveaway!! I love those boots! Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara