Friday, April 29, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday!

Once again, I apologize! Today was another day and I am posting this after midnight, but better late than never. It is one of my favorite posts of the week, Pink and Green Thursday!

I found lots of fun images today, that are springy and really brightened my day! As I said yesterday, it has been super rainy here, but the sunshine came back today. There have been terrible storms in our area, and so many people came into the hotel tonight that lost power, houses, pictures, everything. I felt so bad for them and wished I could do more than offer a bed and a warm shower at a good rate. I pray for each and everyone of them and for you as well, if you were a victim of these horrible storms. Hope you enjoy this pink and green pics!!!

Springtime and BEAUTIFUL flowers.

I found this pic a while ago and just love it. Can't believe someone made crayons so pretty.

LOVE this room. Not really one I would create, but love all the pink and green.

Can you believe this is a cake???

I don't like riesling very much, but I of course would buy this in a heart beat.

I love these balloon pics (as you will see below) they remind me of being a kid
(I am actually still a kid) and freedom. Just floating away into the sunshine.

It would have been amazing to witness this! So gorgeous.

Not crazy about the shoes, but the bows just call my name!

Hope some of these pics brightened your day too. There is only one day left to enter my adorable, precious first giveaway. I only have about 40 or so entries, so you still have a really good chance!!! Sorry for the few words this week, it has just been a very crazy one for me!

Happy Thursday/Friday!



  1. I love this pink and green combo! Oh my goodness, I cannot believe how amazing that cake is!

  2. Hi! Love the pix - pink and green are such happy colors! Esp. love the cake and the pink and green "Rapunzel" building!!!! (or something from a fairy tale! ;o)

    Happy Weekend! Linda Lan

  3. That room is so cute and all these balloon pictures make me happy :)


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara