Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Last Lecture Q & A-Part 1

As I have mentioned many times, the Bloggy Bookclub started April 1 and our first book is The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Below are discussion questions posted by Caitlin at Diary of a Scatterbrain. These relate to the first 55 pages of the book, which is AMAZING, in my opinion.

Q: What drew you to read The Last Lecture? Did you see Randy Pausch’s YouTube video? Did you hear about the video or the book from friends? Why do you think his lecture, and the book that followed, struck a chord with so many people?

A: I have always wanted to join a book club but I have never found anyone I know involved in one here in Nashville. I decided to become a member of the BBC and this was our book for the month of April. I think this book struck a chord with a lot of people because its not the typical "Last Lecture" talk that professors are often asked to give, which, according to Pausch, is when professors "...are asked to consider there demise and ruminate on what matters most to them." I, like many people I assume, would rather hear a true account like Randy's rather than a "what-if" lecture from a professor who has no idea when he will die, thus, its pure speculation. Pausch knows he is going to die so his lecture is actually the real thing. People crave reality and of course would be interested to hear his thoughts about his impending death.

Q: In the book’s introduction, Randy talks about the lecture as a means of expression, and a way to reach his kids: “If I were a painter, I would have painted for them. If I were a musician, I would have composed music. But I am a lecturer. So I lectured.” There are so many ways to communicate. What

are your own avenues for self-expression?

A: I love the above quote in the book! So well said. My avenue of self expression has always been writing, which has now turned into Blogging. I did not write anything for many, many years, but since I have started blogging it has been such a release for me and definitely a way to express myself and connect with other people. I am always very honest when I write, which is definitely the case with my blog. I also love to wear bright, preppy clothes and accessories, which accentuate my personality as well and are great ways of self expression for me.

Q: What are some of your own childhood dreams? Have you achieved any of them? Are there some you’d revisit now that you’re an adult?

A: I was born and raised in Lexington, KY and remember always thinking how cool it was when someone new moved to town because they were getting to live somewhere other than the place they had been there entire life.  I always thought it was cool and so brave of people to just move away from home to another city or state. I never thought I would ever have the courage to do this myself, but here I am. The circumstances that got me here weren't ideal, but they did get me to finally stand on my own 2 feet and living away from my hometown has been a huge growing experience for me. I love it. These are kind of silly dreams, but when I was little I LOVED putting outfits together. Outfits for my Barbie's, my dolls, and myself. I always had a knack for putting things together and still do to this day. I am not a big home decorator, but I love creating outfits and looks for other people. Not so sure I would want to do it now, but this mainly helped me develop my own sense of style and not rely on what everyone else thinks and looks like. From this perspective, I kind of did follow my dream it just took a slightly different turn. I also used to dream about being perfect in everything, so weird I know. Perfect grades, getting into a perfect college, having the perfect job, etc. Thank goodnesss I dropped this fdream and realized that perfection is not always possible nor necessary for a good life. Trying to be less of a perfectionist all the time, but in a good way.

Fantastic Book! Look forward to reading everyone else's Q&A!!!



  1. Awesome Post! I love your answers! I am glad you are enjoying the book too. It's a really good read and makes me think a lot about life and everything

  2. aww girl great post! I LOVED THe book too and he really makes you think and puts the world in a dif perspective- so sad about him loosing his battle but at least he's able to leave a legacy behind! have a wonderful monday! xo

  3. wow-- i have dreams of starting a fun, girls only (hehe) book club when i'm older, so i love this blogging one! i don't have time now with schoolwork, but in the next month or so i'd love to join! thanks for commenting on my blog so i was able to check out yours! i'm now a new follower!


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