Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

The past week has been hard for me. I have been sick and getting sicker every day. At first I thought it was just my allergies.The pollen count here as severe, I had classic sinus infection signs, I was losing my voice, but I was still going to work and felt ok. Then my eyesight started getting blurry and my lazy eye kept getting lazier.I thought ok maybe I need to get glasses and get my eyes checked. Still went to work. Then yesterday I woke up and that was it.  I was super sick. High fever, white bumps all over my tongue, no voice, horrible vision, and I hurt all over. I went to the ER and found out I had bronchitis. That explained a lot of things except the vision problems, so I guess I need to go to the eye doctor ASAP and see whats wrong with that. This bad few days also means its time for a gratitude list to remind me of all the wonderful things that are "right" with my life. I am also putting pictures in between that make me smile!

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1. I am so grateful that I now have insurance! I couldn't go to the doctor for so long because I didn't have insurance and it is so incredibly expensive without it. Until you have gone without insurance you have no idea how precious it is. Another great thing is that a monthly medicine I take went from $184 a month to $28. YAY!!!

2. I am grateful for the elliptical machine in the gym here at our apartment complex. First of all it is FREE! It is open 24/7 and a good warm-up walk from my house. I am missing it so much-haven't been since I got really sick. Who ever thought I would be said I couldn't go to the gym???

3. I am grateful for other bloggers that recommend good books. I am really enjoying one now, The Geometry Sisters by Luanne Rice. I would never have even picked it up without her recommendation!

4. I am so grateful that my roomie, Kat, went to see her Orthopedic Surgeon and Dermatologist today and she found out that our Primary Care Doctor both misdiagnosed her and was ignoring her complaints. Because of her persistence and going to see these other 2 doctors today her life was most likely saved. Words can't express how grateful I am!!!

5. I am so grateful that the sun has come back to us and the high temps are back! The rain here was getting really depressing and after the 100 year flood last year, I know people had to be getting scared.

6. I am so grateful for my little sister finishing her third year of medical school and starting her fourth! I am so proud of her and not surprised in the least, but I know there have been times she never thought she would make it this far. My little sister is going to be a doctor. Wow.

7. I am so grateful for my faith and for being a Christian. I don't know how people go through life not having a higher power. This has been a hard week in a lot of ways and I can't tell you how many times i have stopped and prayed, asked God for his help, or thought to myself that God has a purpose for every single thing that happens.

8. I am so grateful for my Indigo Family. We have been going through a transition period lately, but everything seems to be smoothing out and it feels like our family again. Not many people can actually say that about work!

9. I am grateful for the library and all the books I get to read because I can borrow them! I love to read so much, but unfortunately can't afford to buy a lot of books!

10. I am so grateful for my blog, my followers, and all of the blogs I read every day! It is a great outlet for me, I have met so many cool people, I get the best ideas for everything from all of your blogs and comments. Please become a follower-new ones always make me smile and I will do the same for you!!! I have 86 now and cannot even believe it! I remember when 20 made me smile!

Have a great evening!!!



  1. I love my library! I always check out a bunch of books and then if I really like it, I'll buy it off or eBay! The Geometry of Sisters is an AMAZING book! XO

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is no fun :( Sounds like despite your illness you've got a lot of things to be thankful for. I love this post because it makes me reflect at all of the great things in my life, which can sometimes get overlooked on a bad day.

  3. I LOVE Luanne Rice and The Geometry of Sisters is a good one!! The sequel to that book is "The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners." {{also very good}} All her books are great.

  4. Great list! And I hope you feel better soon!

  5. i hope you're feeling better! this is a great list. so awesome you can find so many things to be thankful for even when you're going through an illness! aren't libraries the best thing ever?!

  6. Love your blog!! Thanks for following me :)
    Pink and Green Queens Unite!!! XXO

  7. I was sick back in January..and I hadn't been sick in like 10 years LITERALLY! My iron clad immune system failed me. And i thought I was going to die. The doctor didn't know exactly what I had: either pneumonia, bronchitis or both. So i feel your pain girl. As a nurse my advice...just take all your antibiotics, drink lost of fluids, and get all the rest you can. Sleep is healing!

  8. Hey hon, thank you so much for your support. I hope you feel better and that you're enjoying the warm weather :)

    Get well soon,


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