Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrity Blog Challenge Catch-Up

Celebrity Blog Challenge

I am once again catching up with Kelly's Celebrity Blog Challenge. I am supposed to post daily, but I have been super super busy, so I have gotten a little behind. Click on the link or pic above and join us!

The challenge for Day 11 is your favorite female athlete. My favorite female athletes of all time have to be the 1996 USA gymnastics team. I was 16 at the time and very into cheerleading and gymnastics. I loved all the events and thought these girls were amazing. I will never forget when Kerri Strug took that last vault on her hurt foot, it was perfect, and Team USA won gold.

The "Magnificent Seven" was the name given to this team who won the first
ever US Gold for team competition. My favorites were
Kerri Strug, Shannon your Miller, and Dominique Dawes.

Day 12 is your favorite music couple. Since they live here I have to stick with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as well as Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

Day 13 is a favorite celebrity's fashion.

Jennifer Lopez

Lauren Conrad

Lilly Pulitzer

And Finally, day 14 is a celebrity you liked that passed away.

Billy Powell, Keyboard Player for Lynryd Skynryd.
I have talked about him quite a bit on here, but I still miss him dearly.

Happy Weekend!!!


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  1. Love your fashion picks...
    OBVIOUSLY you know my FAVE!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. I love Lauren Conrad's style!! She's adorable!

  3. Great picks! I'm so behind again too! I need to play catch up as well!

  4. I'm following you! Eight more to go :)

    I am newly obsessed with Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. I've been meaning to look up their wedding pictures - thanks for reminding me!


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