Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Love Wednesday!!!

Once again I am linking up with Jamie at this kind of love for What I Love Wednesday!!! 

This week I am putting a different spin on WILW. I am gonna share some of what I loved
when I was a kid!!!

I have always been a reader and I just loved The Babysitter's Club. I would actually love to to go back and read the series all over again.

I LOVED Barbies and had way to many. The ones above were some of my favorites. They are all 80s Barbie's (since I grew up in the 80s). I remember my Mom got me the one with the hearts on it after I went to the DR to get a shot one day. Bribery worked everytime with me!

Cabbage Patch Kids!!! I had these 3, but mine like the one on the bottom was in much better shape. I remember really liking her because I could brush her hair and play with it.

Keep in mind, when I got my American Girl, Samantha, there were only 3 choices: Samantha, Kirsten, and Molly. My little sister got Molly and my friend had Kirsten. I can't believe what a company this has become and it looks so cool, but definitely a little pricey.

I loved the Care Bears, but only the ones from the 80s. The movies were great, I loved the little figurines, and those books were MY FAVORITE!!! I wish I still had them. A lot of these toys have been remade today, but the 80s versions were so much better. I caught a glimpse of a newer movie that had been made-so not the real Care Bears!!!

Judy Blume Books were favorites of mine-I read them all!!!

Beverly Cleary Books. Loved the Ramona books and the Ralph S Mouse Series.

Sweet Valley Twins Books

Sweet Valley High Books. You bet I can't wait for the new book Sweet Valley Confidential that was just released. Can't wait to read it!!!
There are so many things I LOVED from my childhood, but these were my favorites for sure. I really enjoyed reminiscing!!! Makes me want to be a kid again-well I really am just trapped in an adult's body!!!

I would love to see what you love!!! Hook up for What I Love Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!



  1. OMG I have Samantha! (somewhere in storage) And my Sis had Molly! And you're right...that company has changed soooooo much!

  2. All of these things just brought be waayy back! Love it! I have Samantha too! I went in to the American Girl store a couple months ago with my friends daughter and was shocked at all the choices. We were not so lucky. haha Great things that your loving!

  3. i'm pretty sure you and i would have been the best of friends growing up!! i loved every.single.thing. you just talked about!

  4. I LOVED American Girl Dolls!!! I've been meaning to do a post on them! Also, loved Ramona books!!!

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