Saturday, May 28, 2011

Prayers Please

I have been missing reading everyone's blogs this week and I have missed posting as well. We got some very scary news this week and I need you all to pray for us please. My world revolved around my best friend who I have mentioned many times, Kat. I haven't ever come right out and said it because I feared judgement, but she is my other half. You all are all so open and honest and I want to be the same with you. I hope I haven't lost any bloggy friends with this statement.

This is the most recent pic I have of us at the Sugarland Concert in April
We have been inseperable for the past 5 years and met when we first moved here. We were both looking for a roomate and just found each other, it is kind of a crazy story! She was getting divorced from 27 years of marriage and I had just broken up with my ex of 6 1/2 years. He is a great guy, but not good enough for me!

Anywho, Kat hasn't been feeling good at all lately. She has had some unexplained stress fractures in her foot and her throat was hurting really bad this last week, burning she said like someone put a cigarette out in her mouth, and she started passing out. I rushed her to the emergency room on Weds after I picked her up at the airport (she went to visit her family which is a whole other story). They found a HUGE mass on her left vocal cord. HUGE and it might be throat cancer. The dreaded "C" weird. I am hoping it is benign and once they remove the mass everything will be fine, but we won't know that until Thursday when we meet with the specialist. Because of this mass she is having a very hard time breathing, which is why she passes out. She can't drive anymore and is very dependant on me.

She is my world and this has scared me to death. I have to be strong for her, but I was a basket case earlier today. I called my Mom and she asked my why I was crying and why I was scared. She reminded me that God is bigger than all of us. She said if I am worrying and crying than I am not trusting him and putting my faith in him. She said the best thing I could do was get everyone I know to pray for Kat. Everyone. She said no one could fix this but him. She is so right.

If you all could please please please say a prayer for Kat. I have been praying so hard that this isn't cancer and that it can be removed and she will be just fine. I am trying to stay in good spirits for her, but it is very hard at times. I know whatever it is God will take care of it and we will get through this. Thank you so much for your prayers. I posted some inspirational pics below. Hope you all enjoy. Please please please say a prayer for Kat.

I will keep you all updated if you want me to. Thank you again for the prayers.



  1. Sara~

    I do so hope and pray Kat will be okay. Scares like this are such a terrifying ordeal. Hang in there and listen to your Mama (she sounds like good people to me)! As for passing judgement, not gonna happen from me. My best friend went through a much similar situation to your Kat, married...has two kids etc. I would never think of judging someone for WHO they choose to love. That just makes no sense, in my opinion. Stay strong and remember what your Mama said!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. ohh my love hang in there! i'll keep you both in my prayers! stay strong!

  3. God is a powerful man. I will pray for ya'll.

  4. Thoughts and prayers to you both. Everything will work out :) Stay strong!

  5. Praying for you and Kat. I hope and pray that it is a mass that can be removed and everything that would go back to normal, also. Keep in the good spirits and just trust God. You have your friends and your family surrounding you with love and prayers during this hard time.

  6. I'm praying for you and Kat! It is so hard not knowing anything for sure! Just know that our God is bigger than we could ever imagine!


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara