Monday, October 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday, Happy Halloween!

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters

Today I am linking up with Carissa lowercase letters for Miscellany Mondays. I love this link-up because I always have lots on my mind that I want to share with ya'll, but not enough to write an entire post about. Here I can touch on all of these little things.

1. Happy Halloween!!! This is one of the first years that I haven't gotten dressed up and gone out to celebrate! I almost felt guilty staying home Saturday night. I have always loved to dress up and went trick or treating until I graduated from high school! The last time I dressed up was 2 years ago. Our friend's Susie and Jamie were married on Halloween, there favorite holiday. Kat and I were the greeters and everyone was asked to come in costume, especially if you were part of the wedding! I LOVE these costumes and definitely plan on wearing mine again.

Kat is the guitar, I am the witch Ballerina (yes complete with Tutu!), and Abby is Freddy.

Our balcony overlooks the lake so we always have lights up and they change with the seasons, holidays, etc. Its kind of hard to see but the Orange, Green, and Pinkish circles are Pumpkins! So cute and I must say we get TONS of compliments!

There is also a pedestal outside covered in orange pumpkin lights but I forgot to take a pic! Oh well!

2. I bought the cutest bag this week at a little boutique in Belle Meade called Holly's. Definitely one of  my new favorite stores. Everything is super cute and the prices are so reasonable. I am in love with my bag and smile every time I pick it up. Its Rust and has all kinds of detailing and gold accents. The pics don't really do it justice,but I am in love for real!!! Here she is:

3. My friend N who I told you all about here last week has decided to do an inpatient program for 30 days. I am so ecstatic that she chose to do this. I have been too see her everyday and its so amazing to have my wonderful friend back. I could tell she was feeling a lot better tonight, she was acting like her sassy self!!! I think God so much for reminding us that everything happens for a reason and for answering all our prayers! 

4. I finally made a button for my blog all by myself!!! I am so pumped about it and would love for you to add it to your blogs! Let me know if yours is missing from mine sidebar as well, I will gladly add it if you follow me!

5. As I was reading my daily blogs earlier I was very excited when I reached Whitney's Blog, a displaced floridian. She is starting a book club with her best friend and I am going to join them too! The first book club selection is called If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend by Alison Pace.

It's a light, fun chick-lit novel and the story according to Amazon.Com is about: 

Initially, gallery manager Jane Laine isn’t very impressed with “it” artist Ian Rhys-Fitzsimmons. Which could be kind of a problem, since she’s the one who has to accompany him on a five-month international art fair tour. To get through it all, Jane figures she’ll be a good sport and keep her critiques to herself. She’s preoccupied enough with mending her own broken heart, re-thinking her career path, and dealing with her Schnauzer-obsessed family. But now, traveling with this alleged genius from London to Rome and beyond, she starts to understand the connection between art and love—and the fact that in both, perspective is everything.

I have been trying to join a book club here in Nashville, but really have had no luck finding one. I am looking forward to this and please join us! The deadline for this book is Thanksgiving so that should be plenty of time.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

I know I am a little bit late, but this is one of my favorite link-ups! I am joining Lauren at The Little Things we do for Fill in the Blank Friday/

1.   When I was a kid I wanted to be      a fashion designer    when I grew up.

2.   As an adult, my dream job would be   social worker      .

3.  W hen I was younger I wanted to be just like  my babysitter Kerry, I was 8 and she was 16, I thought she was so cool!

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was   Strawberry Shortcake.

This is the exact costume I had in the 80s! Plastic all the way!!!

5.  My favorite childhood toy was   Barbies, Barbies, and more Barbies. I was obsessed and loved putting different outfits together. I played for hours every day.

These were my favorites! Can't believe someone had a pic of just these on Pinterest!!!

6.  The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I     was about 5 and stole a piece of  double bubble from the gas station because my Dad wouldn't get me a piece. For some reason I showed him and he made me walk it back inside and apologize.

7.  I get daily inspiration from   Magazines, Pinterest, other bloggers and my friends.

Have a great Halloween Weekend!!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wild Week

It has been a wild 2 weeks I must say, but I have to share with you guys some really cool things that have been happening.

I should preface this all by saying that most of you know I am not working right now. I have been exploring options and trying to decide what will really make me happy and fulfilled. Life is to short to keep wasting my time doing stuff I don't need or want to be doing.

So last week I went up to Lexington to work with my Mom and get her caught up on Real Estate stuff. I LOVE doing that and always have. I have been considering moving back to Lexington for a while and the time I spent up there last week really reminded me of why I miss home so much. My mind was completely quiet and at rest up there which is a HUGE deal for me! I felt so much peace that I hadn't felt in a looooooooong time. As I have told you guys I am done with the hotel business. I feel like God is pushing me out of it and the past few gigs have not gone well. I have been pondering what I want to do and I remembered how much I LOVE doing real estate with my Mom. I enjoy every aspect and it makes me sooooooo happy and fulfilled. I do have to say that we don't have the best friends kind of relationship. Our relationship has improved and grown so much over the years and we are a great team together. I have enough best friends and love that my Mom and I can work together and maintain an amazing relationship, and I do look to her as a mentor and respect her as my Mom at the same time. So Lexington is definitely an option. I love my job there, have a strong support system, and know that we can move there, regroup, save money, and then move down South to Savannah like we have been dreaming of!!!

I should add a side note here that every time I have lost my job I always go back to considering my dream of social work. I want to do it so much and have frequently looked into it here in Nashville. UT College of Social Work is located here and has an amazing program. I have gotten all my GRE stuff to start studying, lots of info from them, etc. But haven't taken the plunge. I know this is what I am supposed to do with my life. I get so excited every time I think about it, but then something happens and I push this dream aside. For some reason my Mom does not support it. I don't know what the deal is, but her not being supportive puts a damper on the idea.

So fast forward to this week. I have mentioned before that I was in recovery for 2 years, and for anyone that is familiar with AA or NA that knowledge never leaves your mind. My friend N has been struggling with drugs and alcohol horribly the past few months. She was in recovery for about 5 years, but has now hit bottom again. It scared me so much that I was angry at first and stayed away from her, but I kept praying and would always check on her. I saw her Monday and realized how close she was to dying. She was nothing but skin and bones and I finally let her know everything that was on my mind and that she was ready to die. That sounds horrible, but thats the truth. One of her other good friends had told her the same thing. Of course she is not herself right now. I called Tuesday morning to check on her (sadly to make sure she was still alive) and she sounded different.Something got through to her, I rushed over, and 8 hours later had her admitted for detox.

This is just the first step and beginning, but PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. She was complaining that she doesn't want to do long term treatment again, but she is going to have to if she wants to survive. Her support system is here and in place. I am the main contact and have found there are so many who love her and want to help her. More than she knows.

Its weird for me being on the other side of this and helping her. I feel like someone helped me a long time ago before I went and the times after that that I relapsed and I feel so blessed. I see things that I never realized from this experience like how selfish I was, how my friends and family really worried and were serious when they told me that I was going to die. I just look at helping Nikki as a way to Pay it Forward and know thats what it takes. Besides God showing me all this, the social worker on her case was a lady named Debra.

I told her that I dream of becoming a social worker and she just graduated a few years ago from the UT program that I am interested in! I have been worried about my age and that I might be too old to start or out of school to long (I am 31, graduated with BS in 2002). I also voiced my concerns to her about the GRE, my Mom claiming I shouldn't do it because the economy is bad (???), and financial aid. She started the program when she was in hr 40s, the GRE was not a big consideration, and she told me about a TON of jobs that are available!!! She also said when I get into the program she would be happy to be my mentor!!! There are no such thing as coincidences-God had that all planned out! I even have chills telling you all about it!!!

I don't care what anyone else says-I am going to do it. There is an open house on November 8th (how perfect is that) and I will be attending. Its so wild to me to think that I was there helping Nikki and there this angel was to answer questions I have been pondering for the past few years! I am so excited thinking about it.

Sorry if I have rambled, but I wanted to share all that cool stuff with you guys! Sorry I have been MIA but life has been calling!!!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting!

Hello Everyone! I have been slacking this week, but its because I have been sick again! Fall is gorgeous, but my allergies hate it. Oh well! Being the Pinterest addict that I am, these pics made me smile today! Enjoy! To join my and some other fabulous bloggers link up with newlywed Michelle at The Vintage Apple!

The Perfect Lilly Pumpkin. 

Classic Beauty. One of my favorites.

Love this outfit-makes me miss summer.

Perfect Christmas tree! I want mine to look like this!

Great Accent Wall and Mirror.

Positano, Italy. Yes please!

Love the pink and the black. Not sure about the curtains.

Napa Valley-one of my favorite places!!! Perfection!
Happy Wednesday!!!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!!! I am so happy that it is finally the weekend. That means college football tomorrow (Go Cats and Go Clemson!!!) and NFL (Go Titans and Go Packers!!!) Sunday. I am not a big Fall person, but I do love me some Football! It also means I don't feel so bad about not having a job since most people are also at home!!! Today was opening day at Keeneland. I am sad I wasn't there, but it didn't feel right go up there and treat myself when I am not working. I am so glad Lexington had gorgeous weather today and cannot wait to see pics! I will be going up to Lexington this week Tues-Fri to do some work for my Mom so I might just have to sneak out there. I am excited to go home and hopefully see some of the faces I have been missing (I also need to meet some new people up there in case we move back there!) but more on that later.

Today I am linking up with Lauren at the little things we do for Fill in the Blank Friday!

1.   Something popular that I can't stand/just don't "get" is  e-readers. Why would anyone want one? I mean I understand it is easier than carrying around a bunch of books and I could see myself taking one on vacation just for that reason, but I love the physical books themselves! I love having it in my hands, turning the pages, and I LOVE the smell of bookstores and really enjoy going to the library.

2.   Something unpopular that I secretly love is   being lazy! I know working out and being on the go all the time are the "popular" thing to do, but I am happiest at home, being with close friends, and just relaxing. If I won the lottery or came into a bunch of money I would not be the person to keep my day job!!! 

3.  When I've had a bad day I  go home, lay on the couch, and shut the world out! I ignore my phone and social media and immerse myself in anything that takes my mind off of me and the real world.

4. I'd prefer    summer    to    winter     any day.

5.  Something that makes me nervous is   starting a new job.

6.  Something worth fighting for is     marriage. Marriage is something that I take very seriously and something that I work very hard at. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work   .

7.  When people think of me, I hope they think    "she has a huge heart, is a true friend, and would do anything for the people she loves (whether they are friends or family)."  .

Have a fabulous weekend!!! If you just found my blog tell me so I can check yours out! I love finding new ones!!!



Thursday, October 6, 2011

"It's Ok" Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

I am linking up for the first time this week with Amber and Neely for "It's OK" Thursdays! Ya'll know how much I LOVE link-ups and finding new blogs. This was a plus today when I discovered these 2 adorable blogs and a fun link-up! Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup are 2 cute and have been added to my daily reading list. Check them out!!!

It's OK... completely change my life at the age of 31 in order to become a happier person.

...not to have a job if it means I NEVER have to work for another hotel again. be thrilled that its sunny and 80 degrees outside, and wish that it was always summer. start 3 books until you find just the one you are in the mood to read. be amazed at all Steve Jobs created while being in the world such a short time. What an amazing man. May he rest in peace. guiltily watch Downsized and immediately understand why that family has no money. appreciate all the little things in life that really make me happy, instead of just waiting for the big ones! go on vacation vicariously through all of your pictures, adventures, and stories have no money and be lusting after Hunter Pink Wellies and new Lilly Clothes :(

...after living here in Nashville for 6 years to still miss opening day at Keeneland. be ready for basketball season. GO CATS!!! be addicted to Pinterest and get so much happiness from it! immediately become so excited, happy, and nostalgic when I see toys from my childhood.

I had each and everyone of these and smiled so big when I found this pic!!! not want my best friend Rebekah to get a job because then I will have no one to be unemployed with! not talk to someone for weeks, months, or years and pick up right where we left off. admit to your friends that you are going through a hard time and show them your not perfect. adore the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but immediately turn off the TV if you hear the voice of Teresa or Joe Giudice. blog more than once a day when you have been gone as long as I have! smile at all the sweet comments you guys post, to see my followers number increase, and to catch up on everything I have missed! 

Happy Thursday!



Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

As I posted here I went have been going through a rough "growing phase" the past month, but I am finally seeing this as a very positive thing! One of my true friends (one that is EXACTLY like me only about 15 years older, so if I call her I am ready to serious action!) told me that she wants to see my setting some goals. Not huge ones necessarily, but little things, which at first were just like doing the laundry today. One of the big goals was to start putting myself back out in the world instead of hiding and what better way to do this than to get back to blogging (which I love) and communicating all of my bloggy friends! In fact this will be my second post of the day. I am linking up for "What I Love Wednesday" at This Kind of Love

One of my goals is to get organized! I am a very visual person and need to have my goals or tasks for the day written down. I had avoided getting a planner until now, I think I subconsciously didn't want to know what day it was, when bills needed to be paid, or that life was going on without me!!! Not Anymore!!! I finally ordered my Lilly Planner-thank goodness I could still find one and had only missed 2 months!!! I ordered it from The Pink Pelican which was a great experience! Super fast and I got a free gift for the first time ordering from them. New favorite online Lilly Store-they also carry lots of other fabulous brands!

LOVE this planner. So glad I picked the design and I don't know how I have lived without  it. Making the lists everyday is helping so much and it looks like I have been using it forever already. Plus it makes me smile when I look at it-huge plus!

Last pair of Pink Fornash earrings that they had. Love them and they were reasonably priced!

My Free Gift from the Pink Pelican! This car magnet was PERFECT for me as I have my monogram on my car as well as a the Vineyard Vines Pink Whale! Best part is no one around here has one!!!

Here are more of my "loves" courtesy of Pinterest. Click on my Pinterest link on the right sidebar to follow me and I will follow you back! The more Pins I see the better!!!

 My perfect Southern Mansion.

LOVE this dining room in the home above. Everything in it is perfect, except for the Blue and White China-I know its popular, but I have never been a fan.

LOVE this exquisite detail! It is so antiquey and unique. 

I want this perfect dress! Love the color, style, and everything about it.

 This picture brings back so many memories. I LOVED bows like this, I think I had one in every color and refused to go anywhere without one in my hair!!!

Love this! Perfect word for me.

 LOVE this room! I would have enjoyed this so much when having sleepovers as a kid. If I had kids and a beach house this room would definitely be in it!!!

LOVE it! So true!

Lilly Love-of course everything in this pic makes me smile!!! I almost got the Agenda in this design, but I am glad I picked the one I did!

I LOVE giveaways and have been fortunate to both win one and host one. I mean who doesn't like winning really cool stuff??? Kori over at Blonde Episodes is hosting a fabulous giveaway for her 2 year Blogoversary! Congrats on 2 years Kori! You can enter up to 18 times, just click on the her link above! She is giving one lucky winner 4 GIFT CARDS!!!  $10 to Starbuck's, $10 to Pinkberry, $25 to Macy's, and $25 to MAC Cosmetics!!! She will pick the winner on October 10 so head over to her fabulous blog, Blonde Episodes and enter today!!!

Happy Wednesday!