Thursday, October 6, 2011

"It's Ok" Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

I am linking up for the first time this week with Amber and Neely for "It's OK" Thursdays! Ya'll know how much I LOVE link-ups and finding new blogs. This was a plus today when I discovered these 2 adorable blogs and a fun link-up! Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup are 2 cute and have been added to my daily reading list. Check them out!!!

It's OK... completely change my life at the age of 31 in order to become a happier person.

...not to have a job if it means I NEVER have to work for another hotel again. be thrilled that its sunny and 80 degrees outside, and wish that it was always summer. start 3 books until you find just the one you are in the mood to read. be amazed at all Steve Jobs created while being in the world such a short time. What an amazing man. May he rest in peace. guiltily watch Downsized and immediately understand why that family has no money. appreciate all the little things in life that really make me happy, instead of just waiting for the big ones! go on vacation vicariously through all of your pictures, adventures, and stories have no money and be lusting after Hunter Pink Wellies and new Lilly Clothes :(

...after living here in Nashville for 6 years to still miss opening day at Keeneland. be ready for basketball season. GO CATS!!! be addicted to Pinterest and get so much happiness from it! immediately become so excited, happy, and nostalgic when I see toys from my childhood.

I had each and everyone of these and smiled so big when I found this pic!!! not want my best friend Rebekah to get a job because then I will have no one to be unemployed with! not talk to someone for weeks, months, or years and pick up right where we left off. admit to your friends that you are going through a hard time and show them your not perfect. adore the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but immediately turn off the TV if you hear the voice of Teresa or Joe Giudice. blog more than once a day when you have been gone as long as I have! smile at all the sweet comments you guys post, to see my followers number increase, and to catch up on everything I have missed! 

Happy Thursday!




  1. Oh my gosh, I love this. I especially love the Wellies and Lilly quote :)

  2. Oh my gosh, you just rocked my socks, lady! I downloaded google chrome and not only is it worlds better than firefox, but it totally solved my "blogger problems"! I owe you!

  3. You have been missed!
    I too am misssssssing my Lilly!
    I need a fix somethin' bad, soooooooooon!

    Mrs. Kindergarten


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara