Monday, June 13, 2011

Misc. Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I have been missing all of my link ups lately and I decided to join a new one today. I have linked up with Carissa at lowercase letters for Miscellany Monday which is a collection of random thoughts-right up my alley if I do say so myself!

1. I have been thinking about the beach sooooo much lately, St. Simon's Island, Ga. imparticular, and I really really hope I get to go this summer. We are supposed to be going July 4 through the 12, but with everything that is going on with Kat, funds are pretty tight right now. However, there are a couple of possibilities: We can push it off until the end of the summer and hopefully save up enough money to go by then, my Mom said that she and my stepdad are thinking about going this year and if they do I know we can go with them (free trip!!!), or we can go somewhere else that is a little closer and not so expensive. A perk of our jobs in the hotel business is that we get hotel discounts all over the world. This would be a more feasible option, but ya'll I am so spoiled and I want to go to St. Simons soooo bad and go to our special little place that we love to stay. Is that just to much to ask???

My family has stayed at the King and Prince my entire life, but it is a little out of our price range when we go alone. I practically grew up here in the summers! Nice thing is even if we don't stay there we still lay on there beach, go to the bar, and swim in the pools, so that makes up for it. Definitely planning on moving to St. Simons or Savannah in the next few years. The cost of living is actually less than here in Nashville and with both of us being in the hotel business, finding jobs in our field leaves us with lots of options.

2. With the exception of 1 hotel, I have always moved up to the front desk supervisor position. This is a natural progression at the front desk, especially when you plan on staying with the hotel and would like to move up in the company. I was excited when our current supervisor was moved up to the position of front desk manager at our other hotel and I thought I would at least have the opportunity to interview to be the supervisor. As I have said before, I love this hotel and would like to move up in the company, I feel like I am finally a part of something really special and would like to help the hotel and front desk continue to grow. I have the experience and lots of good ideas, but along with all of this comes a new general manager, who has decided that she wants to hire a supervisor from the outside, WE ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO INTERVIEW. Crush go my goals at Hotel Indigo. She has made no move to get to know any of us and frankly acts like we are all idiots. My question to you is this: is that not discrimination??? She is discriminating against current hotel employees. I wrote an email to my manager about this and that I wanted to interview and am well qualified, but where the heck do I go from here??? Picture via

3. I have so missed reading all my favorite blogs lately so I have been catching up as much as possible. I was reading one of my favs today, The Pink and Green Prep and Hannah was talking about the cutest Etsy store, My Pink and Green Garden, where the designer makes all of the cutest pillows and other things all in Lilly Fabrics. I LOVE them. They would like great on my bed and on our couch. I am not crazy about the trim, but I am wondering if maybe she can make them without it?

                     This is really perfect because I have been wanting to make one of these boards in a bright fabric to hang my jewelry on. I was either going to put netting over the entire thing and pull it tight or put T pins on it to hang the earrings on. Does that make sense? In any event, this is only $31 and will save me so much time. It is so perfect! LOVE IT!
5. I was so super happy today and what a nice feeling it was. I know that probably sounds strange to some of you, but we have been going through super stressful times at our house and I feel like everything is looking up. Money came in from an unexpected source and it seems that more is on the way this week. HUGE relief since we have been living solely off of my income. It wasn't any HUGE amount, but it was enough to buy groceries!!! Yay!!! It is so funny to see how God has changed my priorities and I am loving it.
6. I love Pinterest and have been trying to end my blogs with pics that make me smile!!! Here are todays!

 Coolest thing for the backyard ever!!!
7. I am so happy to be back on my blogging schedule I missed it so much. I am only 2 followers away from 100! If you like what you see please become a follower and I will happily do the same for you. I love reading and finding new blogs!
Happy Late Monday!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Random Musings

I was anticipating this weekend so much and it was exactly what I needed. We spend 2 long days at the pool and I LOVED it! I can't believe I haven't been to work in 2 full days-it was amazing being at home and relaxing with Kat. She has been doing great this weekend. We are full on fighting with her company about her disability and I am praying it pays off-we have to live off my measley paycheck-which I just realized Friday is being garnished by the IRS. When it rains it pours, but I do remember everything happens for a reason and am just so happy we were able to eat a wonderful healthy dinner this weekend! It stinks to be worrying about if we can afford food! Things have definitely changed for us, but as long as Kat's healthy it is all worth it!

I finished Sweet Valley Confidential this weekend and LOVED it!

For anyone who grew up in the 80s like me and read the Sweet Valley Series I highly recommend reading this book! I loved it. It took me back to that innocent time and was really well written. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. It is nice, especially lately, for me to pick up and read something that doesn't require much thinking on my part. I have now moved on to:

which I am reading for College Prep's book club. I will let you all know how it turns out!

I just learned that there is now a Vineyard Vine's store in Nashville. I don't know where I have been, well yeah I really do, but I was glancing at the catalog yesterday and saw that there is now one open in one of my favorite shopping areas. I know I can't buy right now, but there is nothing wrong with looking!!!

I told you guys about the Bachelor casting call at our hotel and I have to say I was very disappointed! I wanted to report back about some crazy girls and crazy things that I saw happen, but the casting call was pretty much the exact opposite. The vast majority of the girls were exactly alike. They all looked skinny, fake, and like they had never eaten a meal in there entire life. I mean they were absolutely nothing special to look at. Cookie cutters of each other. The funny thing is that I am sure most of them will be chosen, or girls just like them. The guys were fun to watch though and may I say they were HOT!!! I assumed they had guys come in for the Bachelorette shows in the future as well as possible Bacherlors. There were 2 guys definitely out of place though. One was a man in his 50s (That is so not old to me) but it is way to old for that show, which mainly has 21 year old girls on it. CREEPER. Then there was this old man-prob about 80-walking around the lobby that was about 3 feet tall. I was thinking maybe he was someone's drive-he was kind of dressed like that-but then figured he was to short to drive a car. After much pondering I was told he was there for the casting call!!! I so do not watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette but if he were on there I would watch in a heart beat. There were red roses everywhere, like this gorgeous 3 dozen I brought home for Kat:

Flowers always make me smile when I am sick.

I think that is all of my random thoughts I had to tell you all about. I am enjoying catching up on everyone's blocks. Here are some pictures I am LOVING from Pinterest today. If you need an invite let me know!!!

LOVE the green ones.

Put this in St. Simon's Island Georgia and I am perfect. LOVE this house and pool.

Yummy Summer Drink. Looks sooooooooo refreshing!

The First Lady of Fashion. Lilly Pulitzer of course!

May everyday end this way and be so peaceful. I LOVE summer!!!

See you tomorrow!!! I am so happy to be back!!!

Happy Weekend!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Soooooo Excited

I cannot even explain how much I have missed blogging the past couple of weeks, buy I am going to try this weekend!!! I finally get 2 days off in a row and I have so much to catch up on with all my blogger friends!!! I miss ya'll dearly!!!! First 2 days off in a row in a month and besides laying by the pool I plan on being on here and catching up with everyone!!!

One thing I wanted to share with ya'll were my new Sperry Flip Flops that I bought a few weeks ago. I couldn't find the pictures until last night, but I LOVE them. They are my new favorite ones I have. They are SO SO SO Comfy, absolutely adorable if I do say so myself, and they were on sale at Dillard's for like $25!!! I couldn't believe it. As you all know I LOVE falling into a great bargain. Summer Love.

I mean are they not the cutest???

Just found this on Pinterest and it is my ideal, dream, patio, deck, backyard, whatever you want to call it. I have said it so many times, I am as addicted to Pinterest as I am to blogging. If you have not joined the craze let me know and I will happily send you an invite!


As you all know, I have been spending my free time (not much of it) taking care of Kat when I am home. I never truly knew what it really is to entirely care for another person 100%. It has completely worn me out, but it has been worth every minute. Does that make sense? Hoping the doctor has some answers Weds. We are still trying to get by on my measley paycheck and her disability has not been approved. I am embarassed to say there are times over the past few weeks that we have had like $2 to eat, but I will say, God always takes care of us. I miss being on here so much. It is an escape for me and my form of self expression that I never even knew I needed. Amazing. Thank you all for making this blog such a special place for me and for being a part of all of yours! They all keep me sane!!!

Does anyone else ever feel this way???

See you this weekend!!! YAY!!!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good News!!!

I posted last week about how sick Kat was and the possibility that it might be throat cancer. I am so ecstatic to tell ya'll that she does not have the dreaded C word and I am so beyond thankful. God is so good and I know all the prayers from you ladies and everyone we know brought this good news. We found this out on Thursday afternoon and for the past 2 days I have just been amazed. She is still sick, but it seems to be something with her immune system. She still needs lots of prayers but at least we know whatever it is can be treated. We go to the rheumatologist on the 15th to see if they can figure out what's going on.

I have missed blogging so much, but between working and taking care of Kat I don't have time to do much else. I got to enjoy the pool last weekend and plan on being there tomorrow before work and all day Monday. YAY. I love that it feels like summer is finally here! It went from being cold here to the high 90's low 100's everyday. I hope it cools down a little, but I am not complaining-bring on the sunshine.

Tonight at work should be very interesting. The casting call for the Bachelor is being held at my hotel and I am trying to be optimistic and hope it won't be total chaos. Yeah right. I have to say I am not a fan of the Bachelor and the girls are always very interesting. It will be good people watching I am sure, but I will let you all know how it goes.

Here are some pics I am loving today from Pinterest:

Going here would solve ALL my present problems.

This room is horrible but I really like the painting. Of course the pink and green containers are cute too!

Loving this kitchen.

These veggies look delish. My fav!!!

Love how this pic was taken. I love how the front is in focus, but you can still see the entire row.

Very Elegant.

Love the tops. Everything else is me except the brown sandals.

 Happy Weekend!