Friday, June 10, 2011

Soooooo Excited

I cannot even explain how much I have missed blogging the past couple of weeks, buy I am going to try this weekend!!! I finally get 2 days off in a row and I have so much to catch up on with all my blogger friends!!! I miss ya'll dearly!!!! First 2 days off in a row in a month and besides laying by the pool I plan on being on here and catching up with everyone!!!

One thing I wanted to share with ya'll were my new Sperry Flip Flops that I bought a few weeks ago. I couldn't find the pictures until last night, but I LOVE them. They are my new favorite ones I have. They are SO SO SO Comfy, absolutely adorable if I do say so myself, and they were on sale at Dillard's for like $25!!! I couldn't believe it. As you all know I LOVE falling into a great bargain. Summer Love.

I mean are they not the cutest???

Just found this on Pinterest and it is my ideal, dream, patio, deck, backyard, whatever you want to call it. I have said it so many times, I am as addicted to Pinterest as I am to blogging. If you have not joined the craze let me know and I will happily send you an invite!


As you all know, I have been spending my free time (not much of it) taking care of Kat when I am home. I never truly knew what it really is to entirely care for another person 100%. It has completely worn me out, but it has been worth every minute. Does that make sense? Hoping the doctor has some answers Weds. We are still trying to get by on my measley paycheck and her disability has not been approved. I am embarassed to say there are times over the past few weeks that we have had like $2 to eat, but I will say, God always takes care of us. I miss being on here so much. It is an escape for me and my form of self expression that I never even knew I needed. Amazing. Thank you all for making this blog such a special place for me and for being a part of all of yours! They all keep me sane!!!

Does anyone else ever feel this way???

See you this weekend!!! YAY!!!



  1. On my way SOUTH chicka!
    Hang in there, you are right...God is good.
    Darling Sperrys!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. Love these flip flops! Thanks for the follow on my blog! Following back :)


  3. Those flipflops are SOOO cute! I love the plaid, and them being on sale doesn't hurt.


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara