Saturday, June 4, 2011

Good News!!!

I posted last week about how sick Kat was and the possibility that it might be throat cancer. I am so ecstatic to tell ya'll that she does not have the dreaded C word and I am so beyond thankful. God is so good and I know all the prayers from you ladies and everyone we know brought this good news. We found this out on Thursday afternoon and for the past 2 days I have just been amazed. She is still sick, but it seems to be something with her immune system. She still needs lots of prayers but at least we know whatever it is can be treated. We go to the rheumatologist on the 15th to see if they can figure out what's going on.

I have missed blogging so much, but between working and taking care of Kat I don't have time to do much else. I got to enjoy the pool last weekend and plan on being there tomorrow before work and all day Monday. YAY. I love that it feels like summer is finally here! It went from being cold here to the high 90's low 100's everyday. I hope it cools down a little, but I am not complaining-bring on the sunshine.

Tonight at work should be very interesting. The casting call for the Bachelor is being held at my hotel and I am trying to be optimistic and hope it won't be total chaos. Yeah right. I have to say I am not a fan of the Bachelor and the girls are always very interesting. It will be good people watching I am sure, but I will let you all know how it goes.

Here are some pics I am loving today from Pinterest:

Going here would solve ALL my present problems.

This room is horrible but I really like the painting. Of course the pink and green containers are cute too!

Loving this kitchen.

These veggies look delish. My fav!!!

Love how this pic was taken. I love how the front is in focus, but you can still see the entire row.

Very Elegant.

Love the tops. Everything else is me except the brown sandals.

 Happy Weekend!



  1. Oh, that casting call does sound like the perfect spot for people watching, hehe!

  2. Love all your pictures - especially, that kitchen - WOW! Glad everyone is feeling better - and good luck tonight! Can't wait to hear some stories from the casting call! Should be hilarious!

  3. Good to hear the c word is not the cause of all the issues. Just got that c word back into my life with our daughter's dance teacher. She has been battling for 5 years. Cancer sucks!

    Mrs. Kindergarten
    (hittin' the pool myself today)

  4. So glad you got some good news! Hoping that you get more soon :)

  5. Cute photos. So glad to hear the good news. Hope everything went well at work, you'll have to let us know any juicy details, if you can.


  6. so glad to hear Kat is okay, and so glad you are back to blogging! You were missed! God is so faithful to us, it is amazing. :)

    p.s. love the fun pictures you added! pinterest is awesome!


    Adventures of Newlyweds

  7. I am glad Kat is okay!! I love those pictures, especially the kitchen!!

  8. I'm behind in my comment, but wanted to come back to your blog while I was on my blogging vacation this week, and say I'm so glad that Kat does not have cancer. I will be thinking of you as you all continue to find out what is wrong. Best wishes, Leigh


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