Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Smiles

I am Sooooooo super happy today!!! The sun is out and the temps are high. I hope this weather is finally here to stay. I am also off tomorrow and if I am lucky and this beautiful weather keeps up, this time tomorrow I will be laying by the pool! I feel like I have been slacking in a lot of ways lately. I have not been a good blogger, runner, reader and have been so down. I know part of it is that I have been sick on and off-allergies, cold, bronchitis, vision problems, migraines-and I credit a lot of that to the weather that just keeps changing. It might sound crazy, but I am such a summer person. I feel like this prolonged cold weather has really kept me kind of depressed. I have been catching up on a lot of blogs this morning and last night and I have to say a lot of you all have inspired me to do better! I am trying to get back on track and no matter what I will be exercising tomorrow morning before the pool. No matter what.

I finally got the cutest glasses and they are really helping me so much. I am horribly blind and have worn contacts forever, but haven't had glasses in at least 10 years if not longer. In the past few months I have gotten bad blurry vision and my right eye, which is already semi-lazy, was really going out of control. I now have the CUTEST pair of glasses thanks to my awesome vision insurance from work. They are the cutest dark tortoise shell Ray Bans and wouldn't you know I deleted the only pic I have of myself in them. Accidentally. I will post one soon for you all to see. I wore them to work yesterday and was self conscious at first, but I got a lot of compliments, so I think we chose them well!

Another fun thing that I am now addicted to is Pinterest. I LOVE it. You have to have an invite to join, if you need one just let me know, but it is all about pictures and making the boards is so much fun. To me it is a combination of Tumblr and We Heart It. It is so much fun to see all the cool pics and you all know I will be posting my favs quite often. If you are a member please let me know so I can follow you! You can find me here.

PERFECT Description.
Here are some of my favs I posted last night on my Boards on Pinterest. I have so many ideas running through my head I can't wait to get back on when I get home from work tonight. I know Saturday Night on Pinterest, but I do work till 11 and my other half is out of town until Weds. I want to be fresh and ready for a great day tomorrow. Here is just a sample of a few I found last night.

I did not forget about the Celebrity Blog Challenge today, which is day 21. The category today is Entertainment Shows that you watch and I do not watch any at all. More for lack of time than anything, if I watch anything on TV it is a movie, something on Bravo, or another TV show I have missed like Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Glee, etc.

Happy Saturday!



  1. Hahaha so true about pinterest! I'm having a giveaway this week, make sure to check it out!

  2. Hopefully some pool time will help your spirits! Love the pinterest quote! lol! I'll follow you as soon as I get my account going...I'm a little behind!

  3. yay for finding your blog! love it! xx.

  4. So glad the sunshine came out--it did for me too yesterday and I laid by the pool!

  5. Great post, such pretty pictures. I feel the exact same way about pinterest... it's a wonderful addiction hehe.

    Happy Sunday,


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara