Monday, May 2, 2011

Celeb Sightings!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Today is day 2 of Kelly's Celebrity Blog Challenge and the topic is celebrities you have met. Since moving to Nashville I have been blessed to meet a small amount of celebrities and I think it is the coolest thing! I am such a big dork-I still get star struck every time, but I am happy to say I have never acted crazy in front of one. The only person I can think of that I might act like a star struck fan in front of is Keith Urban. I mean he is beyond hot, amazingly talented, and I LOVE his accent.

My good friend Billy Powell from Lynyryd Skynyrd.
Read my post about him here.

Faith Hill-Had a dressing room (more like a meeting room) for an event. It was SOOOO cool.
I have never seen so many expensive clothes, shoes, and bags in one room!

Kara Dioguardi-Has Stayed at 2 of my hotels!

Lady Antebellum-Again, stayed at my hotel.

Martina McBride-Met her and 2 of her adorable daughters at Davis Kidd.

Nicole Kidman-I was star struck meeting her and she is just as beautiful in person.
Read my post about her here.

Ashley Judd-UK graduate and True Blue Fan-Love her and met her at a meeting one time.

It's funny because before moving to Nashville I had not met one celebrity. I think its because of living in Music City of course, but also from being in the hotel business. I always look forward to seeing who is staying with us-you just never know! If you want to join the Celebrity Blog Challenge link up with Kelly above! My favorite celebruty I have met is of course my good friend Billy Powell, who I miss dearly.

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  1. It sounds like you had a blast! Hope you have a great night honey! Kori xoxo

  2. Great celebs you met!!!

    Thanks for linking up

  3. Love those artists - Lucky you!

  4. Wow! You've met a ton of celebrities. Lucky you!! ;)

  5. WOW! I'm amazed! So many great celebs! I'm jealous! I will be linking up too! I will be catching up today! :)

  6. I love Nicole Kidman! That is so awesome. I would be speechless which is how I am whenever I see a celeb.

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