Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I love Wednesday

So I am a little late on this post today, but I figured better late than never! I have previously told ya'll how I have been going through this mountain of magazines I have accumulated over the past few months and cutting out lots of fun stuff to make 2 ginormous collages/hang up on the walls of our horribly messy spare bedroom dressing room if we ever get it completed. I have come across tons of fun stuff that I can't wait to share with you, but one thing that I really love is the JCrew bridal collection! All of these can be found online at JCrew.

I really loved the bridesmaids dresses, wasn't that thrilled with the bridal gowns, but I did find a few that I liked for a more lowkey wedding.

Sophia Gown

Augusta Gown

I LOVE the Bridesmaids dresses!!!
Juliet Dress-Love the details

Monde Dress

Mika Dress

Zadie Dress

I was really surprised by all these cute dresses and great prices. They are all very affordable, come in a variety of wonderful colors, different fabrics, and are just so cute! If I am ever married-not on my list of things to do-it will be Lillified of course, but some of these dresses in that bubble gum pink would be very welcome!

It has been very very rainy around here the past few days and I am lovin these beach pics! It is just calling my name!!! All images courtesy of Tumblr #beach.

Just a few short months and Kat and I will be there. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Here's to Sand, Sun, and Surf!!!

I am also LOVING my first GIVEAWAY!!! I don't have to many entries and it is just adorable!!! Please enter-you have until Friday at midnight!!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. how funnn! love all the pictures girl!!! xo happy thursday!

  2. I love the Zadie dress! It's my favorite! But all of the dresses are beautiful! Ahh the beach looks amazing right now! Happy Thursday!

  3. dresses are awesome. and I am in serious need of the beach right now. no more tornado sirens please!

  4. I'm a fellow Nashvillian! Found you through WILW. I'm a new follower :)


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