Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lazy Days

Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA this weekend, but the hotel was absolutely insane crazy! We were sold out both Friday and Saturday, which is wonderful, but the people were really really needy and weird to say the least. I do have one crazy story to share with you. We had some very young military guys check into the hotel on Friday night. I had a bad feeling when I checked them in. They have a bad reputation for drinking way to much, trashing hotel rooms, and causing lots of problems. This group was no different. 2 guys checked in, but of course as soon as they had the keys 5 more followed. At this point I didn't think anything more about. I was slammed with 3 different bachelorette parties, 2 weddings, and a variety of other people.

Sure enough later that night one of the guys was found drunk and passed out in the hallway. Apparently his friends carried him out of the room, set him up outside, and left him there. When security found him they couldn't get him to wake up and had no idea what room he was in. The cops came and got his ID, but his name was not on the room and we couldn't let him back in. Let me backtrack by saying that delta is one of our biggest accounts and they leave very early, 4:15 or 5:15 am. They were having to step over this kid as they were leaving, not good. The cops bring the kid downstairs, figure out that his friends kicked him out of the room and in turn they were all thrown out of the hotel. Thank goodness. Another room was also thrown out that night, 2 girls brought 2 random guys home from the bars and they were found wrestling and disturbing people in the hallway. Crazy weekend. When it gets warm down here its like theres something in the air and people go crazy!!!

I came home from work Friday night to 2 wonderful surprises!!!

Kat went to TJ Maxx and picked out these 2 adorable dresses for me and I LOVE them both. I need new spring clothes for work and these will be perfect. Its hard to see in the pic, but the yellow one has ruffles all around the collar and is so cute, and of course the first one is so me with the pink all over and bright colors. I was so excited!!! No one has ever suprised me with dresses besides my Mom!

I also did a little more shopping before work yesterday and found myself back at that precious store ELM Collections, which I talked about here. Yesterday was the final four UK game and I already lost one of my UK earrings that Kat bought me last week. They had another cute pair with a matching necklace that I had to have!

The earrings are kind of hard to see in this pic, but they are the same charm as on the necklace. I was SO sad that we lost by just 1 point last night, but I am so proud of our boys for getting so far. I am going to miss this team next year and especially Jorts.

I also bought Kat some jewelry yeasterday and a few other things. She LOVED the neclaces and earrings I am happy to say!

I also finished Water For Elephants last night (or early this morning to be hones) and it was amazing. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. I hate it when people tell me what happens in books, so I am not going to do that, but it is a wonderful novel and everyone needs to read it. Started my bloggy bookclub pick for this month, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, and I am already halfway through. Very interesting nonfiction novel, more a memoir, and I am enjoying it as well.

Check them out!!! Ask me questions about them if you would like and I would be more than happy to answer.

My pen pal and I have both received letters and I know this is going to be a great relationship!!! It sounds like we have a lot in common and she even posted about her first letter from me on her blog Elephant Ears. Needless to say I was flattered and had a smile all day!!! What a sweetheart. I love her blog-it is a must read. Add it to your list of daily reads. I will have more to post about being a pen pal soon I am sure.

I feel like I have caught up now and I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my day off today and being off again tomorrow. These days are meant to be lazy ones for sure. I have been working my booty off!!! If you are reading, please become a follower and I would love to do the same for you. Just leave me a link below!!!



  1. what an awesome ideA! i've thought about starting a blog bookclub tooo! ^.^ but now, you've got me motivated to get on that plan!!

    hope you get a chance to swing by my blog! i have a rad giveaway goin on, perfect for spring!

  2. I was a the bar like screaming at Kentucky. I was channeling you. and all my friends were like why do you care? And I was like I am cheering for my pen pal and her brother! haha


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