Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pink and Green Thursday

Happy Thursday! Its Thursday and one of my favorite postings. I was hoping to be able to tell you all about this fabulous purse that I got, but it wasn't meant to be apparently. 

It is a rare Lilly Mar a Lago handbag in Daiquiri and I want it so badly. The inside matches the bag that its stored in and it was a fantastic price. I found it on this site that I frequent and was in LOVE. The lady put on there that it was rare and when I emailed her that I wanted it she was apparently out of town, which I understand. So after waiting-not patiently of course-I was devastated that it was sold. The only thing that bothers me is why are the pictures not taken down when things are sold?

I am a little skeptical now about this site, because I never know if what I am looking at is actually still availble. Do you all think I am being unreasonable??? PLEASE let me know. I have been searching the internet for this bag and have had no luck of course. If anyone knows where i can purchase one please let me know. I need a new spring bag, of course I don't wait to pay full price, and have been searching all over. I want something hot pink of course and am looking for suggestions!!!

I have decided to do something new and am working on creating a new button for the challenge as we speak. I have never made one myself before, but think I can do it. I have been making some changes to the blog-I have always wanted 3 columns, but now my header is not centered! Yuck! Is anyone good at these things?

I recently discovered a few new blogs where people are participating in an event called

52 books in 52 weeks. You all know that I LOVE to read. I am trying to create a button like this for my blog. I discovered 2 other bloggers, Star at Star's Pink World and Kendra at Kendra Diarie's. Anyway, the point is to read 52 books in 52 weeks and I am sure you were supposed to start Jan. 1, but I am confident I can read 52 books by the end of the year. I am going to create a list, link, and button on my blog to keep track of this. Not sure if I will post about the books or not, but I am looking forward to the challenge. Would LOVE it if anyone wants to link up and take part too. I am also excited about the bloggy bookclub that I am taking part in.
You can read all about the book club on Diary of a Scatterbrain . I have been looking for a bookclub to join and can't wait to start. Our first book is

We are then supposed to write a review of the book. I am really looking forward to doing this. Anyway that wants to join please click on the Diary of a Scatterbrain link above. It starts tomorrow, April 1.

Hope everyone is having a great day and thanks again for stopping by! Love you guys!!!


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