Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm the Pink she's the Green

Yay its pink and green Thrsday! One of my favorite posts of the week, although I have to say I am really enjoying the 30 day blog challenge from Cait at Fierce, Fit, and Fabulous.

First things first. This week I am coveting these pink and green items.

It has been raining so much here, hence it is March and I love these pink boots. I also saw some pink rain
boots that can be monogrammed on someone's blog yesterday and loved them!

Which would look great with either one of these Lilly Umbrellas

But I am REALLY ready for now more rain and lots of sunshine. At least wearing those cute boots and using an even cuter umbrella makes these blah rainy days more bearable. Another item that I have really really been wanting is a new Lilly scarf. I can wear it to work any day and it really gets me in the mood for Spring time. I would really love one in every single print, but this one fits my mood lately.

Very cute. I also like the new Junior League print, but I am not in Junior League so is it still ok if I wear it???

Ok on to the Day 10 challenge which is a picture of the person you get in the most messed up situations with. Since I have gotten a little bit older I still have tons of fun, but don't find myself in so many crazy situations like I used to-which in my case is definitely a good thing. My partner in crime is someone I have talked about many many times and is my bestest friend (and that is saying a lot out of all the wonderful people in my life) Kat.

Here we are at St. Simons Island having a fantastic time. We always bring out the best and most mischevious sides in each other. Prior to this spontaneous adventure she had to have surgery on her ankle. So we were at home in Nashville, I was between jobs at the time and basically being her nurse. She was gonna be off her feet for the next 5 weeks, we were stuck inside during the summer in Nashville, and cabin fever quickly set in.

She decided we I was going to back up the car and head to the beach. It started out as just 5 days but quickly turned into 2 weeks. It had to be crazy seeing us going around together as we manuevered life at the beach with this HUGE boot on her foot. Now I must preface this by saying she could remove the boot when she was lying the sun. But other than that it was always on. Picture us pulling up, her with a boot and crutches, carrying everything down to the beach. I mean a cooler, towels, beach bags, at first chairs, and it was ridiculous to say the least. But like the amazing team we always are, we made it work. It was SO MUCH FUN.

I am not a spontaneous person so picking up at the last minute, packing 2 people for the beach, making reservations, and getting everything together BY MYSELF was a new experience for me and was so much fun. We kept adding on another day and another day and even looked at apartments down there. We went to the beach everyday and out to dinner and sometimes the bars every night. It is a small island, not commercialized at all, and was the perfect spot to us. We are both big kids so we did everything I had done my whole life there, we even tried to build sandcastles, not successfully I might add, and I She trooped right along in that boot and crutches.

Wherever we are, there is always a good time to be had. A couple weekends ago we went downtown with some Indigo buddies to listen to our friend Jackie Wilson sing at Bourbon Street, our Indigo hangout in Nashville. The problem with this is that we know the owners and the waitresses so that meant free shots and drinks all night-which is something I rarely do. She being the smarter of the duo that night decided to only have 2 glasses of wine. I, on the other hand, totally indulged. We were upstairs for the night and there is a very narrow staircase to get downstairs. Close to the end of the end she falls down the stairs and sprained BOTH ankles. Remember she was completely sober. I meanwhile am out on the dance floor and don't really remember what happened after that. All I know is she somehow got us both home and I was calling an ambulance at 7 AM to take her to the hospital. She resprained that left ankle above and is know in the boot again. It was such a fun night, but in typical fashion, something crazy happened. Bless her heart. She is doing much better.

That is just a couple of our adventures. We call ourselves Pink and Green. I like everything Pink and she loves Green. The perfect pair in so many ways. We often wonder what the neighbors might think of our crazy conversations if they are listening through the walls or out in the hallway.

Hope you enjoy your Thursday and take part in the challenge! If you are reading my blog please become a follower! It really makes me smile when I see new ones! Send me a link to your blog as well!



  1. Did you see the pink hunter boots on the dc cupckae girls on my blog? LOVE THEM!

  2. I absolutely LOVE those pink boots! I want to wear those every single day.

  3. I love those boots... and those umbrellas are pretty cute too!

    You are too cute!



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