Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Almost Spring!!!

So today is Pink and Green Thursday. It was 75 and Sunny today here in Nashville and my UK Wildcats made it to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament so it was an almost perfect day for me! In honor of the first day of spring on Sunday here are my most favorite flowers, and of course they are Pink and Green.

This week has been crazy busy at work, so I have not had much time to blog. I need to play catch up a little bit with the 30 Day Challenge from Cait at Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous.

Day 16 was a picture of someone who inspires you. There are so many people that inspire be, but the main people that inspire me are people I have already mentioned: My Mom and My sister. They are both strong Christians, live there life as true to God's word as is possible, and both have qualities that I would like to possess someday. They have giving hearts and are both nonjudgemental. As I have said many many times before, they both inspire me in more ways than I could ever list. They inspire me most of all to never give up on myself, something I sometimes need a constant reminder of. I have already talked about what wonderful people they both are, here is another pic!

Mom is on the left and Laura is next to me on the right.

The challenge for today, day 17, is a picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently. 

This is the view from my balcony and I LOVE it. I can't believe there are no Geese in here-they are everywhere this year-but I absolutely positively love this view. It calms me and brings me so much peace. This picture represents 2 things that have impacted my life in wonderful, huge ways recently. First of all, we resigned our lease for another year. This will be our 3rd year here, but for quite a while my roomate could not make up her mind if she wanted to stay or not. If she left I would have to give up this view. I know that sounds crazy, but I find so much peace and serenity here, I would really really really hate to leave it. We finally signed the lease again last week-yay!!! So that is a HUGE worry off of me mine.

This pic also was taken in the spring when we first moved in here and the spring weather evident in this picture is back in a big way. I don't know about you guys, but a little sunshine and warmer temps change my whole outlook on life. I have felt myself being an overall nicer person, wanting to eat healthier, exercise, and help more people. All because the sunshine is back! Might sound crazy, but the warm weather makes me an all around better person!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!! I start mine tonight at midnight!!!


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  1. So happy to find your blog pretty lady! It's always a good day when the cats win! Is that you in the lovely black dress? Gorgeous!
    My dream is to move to charleston sc and work in a Lilly shop but for now I'm happy to stay in ky!


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