Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Biggest Fear

I can't believe that Cait's 30 day blog challenge at Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous has only one day left. At the beginning it was a huge challenge for me since I only posted a couple of days a week and had like 5 followers. I didn't always know what to write about and I had no idea how to get involved in the blog community. I decided to take on Cait's challenge as a way to make me write something everyday and it did what I intended it to do-it got me comfortable with blogging and I love it! I have almost 30 followers now-which is huge for me-but even better I have really gotten to know a bunch of bloggers and even picked up a pen pal. I won't be stopping anytime soon that's for sure and writing blogs and reading everyone else's has become one of my favorite parts of my day.

That being said I still have to post Day 28 which is a picture of something that scares you. I am super scared of

I am dealthy afraid of any kind of rodents. Even this cartoon picture freaks me out, I can barely look at it. Mice, Rats, Gerbils, Hampsters, Guinea Pigs, all of them scare me. I can't watch movies with them in it, or tv shows, if one comes on scream I immediately cover my head and have to be told when its all right to look. I LOVE animated movies and I was able to watch Desperaux and finally Ratatouille, but I really had to breathe and prepare myself first. I never did have a problem with Fievel (sp?) from An American Tale, but something about these things freaks me out. I lived in a house one time with 4 other roomates and we had mice. When I found this out I was scared to sleep in my room, but also scared to go anywhere around the house. I definitely would not venture into the kitchen, where they were found, and soon after I stopped staying at the house and eventually moved out soon after this incident. When I am in pet stores if I even walk near the aisle where rodents are kept I have to close my eyes and run away from that part of the store. It is a horrible phobia of mine and I am really not scared of anything else. Spiders, snakes, bees, none of these bother me. Sounds crazy I know but I can't handle those nasty things at all.

Moving on to something much better, day 29 is a picture of something that always makes you smile.

UK basketball of course and going to the final four!!! I have to support my alma mater and of course growing up in Lexington means this runs in my blood. Josh Harrelson, or Jorts, has made me smile especially big this year. I love him and will really miss him this year. He really stepped up and has brought so much to the team this year. GO CATS!!!

Is there anything that scares you guys as much as the rodents scare me???


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  1. love this sara- i cant believe tomorrow is the last day too! how crazy and how fast it went! so glad you were able to make new blog friends and get new followers :) xoox


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