Friday, March 18, 2011

My Biggest Insecurity

Happy Friday everyone!!! I am very very excited about this week. As you all know in the hotel business you work pretty much 24/7 and almost every weekend. Well I scored big this weekend! I am off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! I was supposed to go out of town to visit one of my friends, but plans changed and I am staying here in Nashville. I can't explain my joy!!! Spring weather is here, NCAA madness is under way, and my parents are coming through town tonight. I have not seen them since Christmas so I am looking forward to there visit tonight. They also get to see my hotel tonight, which is really exciting for me. They have stayed at pretty much all the hotels I have worked in, or at least been in the lobby, but this hotel is definitely my favorite! I am so proud of our beautiful Hotel Indigo and LOVE my job and my Indigo family. I am so excited about them seeing it and meeting some of my Indigo Family. I plan on watching lots of basketball this weekend and being out in the sun as much as possible. I started the first book in the Hunger Games series today and am already halfway through it and addicted. Many of you have talked about this book and it is even better than I could have imagined! For those of you who haven't read it yet, check it out!!!

Today is day 18 of Cait's blog challenge at Fit, Fierce, and Fabulous and it is a picture of your biggest insecurity. I have a few insecurities that all have to do with my body. One I will never reveal, but the other one is my shape and what I HATE and embarassingly enough call my muffin top. It is actually higher than that, more like love handles, but I HATE HATE HATE them. It is just the way that I am built, more than anything, but no matter what I put on, I always have to make sure that they are not accentuated in anyway and that no one can seem them. They make me hate the way I look. I watch what I eat, but it is time again to start exercising in a major way. It is so frustrating and hard to get rid of them, but they really make me hate the way I look. This time of year it is even more important since it is almost bikini weather. I will still wear one, no matter what I look like, but it really bothers me. I hate feeling so fat.

I never had these until I was about 28 and the older I have gotten it has been worse. I always had a very thin body, could eat whatever I wanted, never gained weight, and the weight I did have was in all the "right" places. People used to tell me "Oh just wait. One day the weight will start sticking to you and be really hard to get off." Even when I had some extra weight on me I could always alter my diet and the weight would come right off or exercise a little bit and it would fall off. To this day I think thats why I have never been a serious working-out kind of girl. That has got to change.

Well those people were right. Once you hit a certain age the weight does not fall off like it once did and it is horrible. I don't care how "lucky" you have always been. The time does come when it stops just falling off and being easy.

Thats me of course on the left and is the best picture I could find of what I am talking about. the chair is covering it kind of but you can see where it goes in on the left, and I was leaning to the right, but there is one there to. Trust me. THEY ARE AWFUL. This was 2 years ago, so I look even fatter now with them.

So there you have it. My biggest insecurity. Writing this definitely motivates me to start doing some kind of working out every day. My diet has gotten much healthier and the warmer weather makes me want to be a more healthy, fit person anyway. What are your insecurities???

Happy Weekend!!!



  1. Ok girl kudos to you for posting a bikini pic! I couldn't do it but then again I don't think you've got anything to be insecure about. That being said age has a major role in weight gain. For me it was 25.. Poof 5 lbs.. 30.. Poof 5 more lbs! After this baby I am struggling to drop some lbs! Good luck to you lady!

  2. ha rock it with that bikini girl :) you're awesome! no worries about the "muffin top" honestly i'm sure you look amazing! PS the Hunger Games as I've posted a few times on my blog, is pure FABULOUS! I'm so excited for the movie and read the other 2 books! xooox have a great saturday!


Thanks for making me smile!!! Your comments always do!!! xoxo, Sara