Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge Catch Up!

So my fellow blogger Cait has issued a 30 day blog challenge which you can see here: Fierce, Fit and Fabulous' 30 day blog challenge . I have decided to take on her challenge and since this is day 3 already, I will be doing a catchup blog today. This is also a challenge for me to come back here 30 days in a row! I am hoping I can pick up come followers and comments along the way! Drumroll please...

Day 1 - picture of yourself with 10 facts.

1. I LOVE my initials-SKB. I write them all the time instead of my name and I love them on anything and everything.

2. I have a blended family and I LOVE it. My Mom and Stepdad have been together for as long as I can remember. With my stepdad comes my 2 stepbrothers who I consider brothers. I LOVE our family so much,

3. I have 3 siblings my younger sister Laura and my 2 brothers Lane and Bo. We are all rarely together, but I always enjoy it when we are, it is really special to me.

4. I have lived in Nashville for the past 5 years.

5. I was born and raised in Lexington, KY and lived there until I was 26 years old.

6. I graduated from the University of Kentucky and am OBSESSED with UK Basketball and Football. I can't wait until March Madness!!!

7. Besides my family, the 2 things I miss most about Lexington are Keeneland and UK sports. Its so not the same here and missing Keeneland feels like committing a sin!

8. The first interview I got here in Nashville was at the Hampton Green Hills. It was my first hotel job and I have loved hotels every since. They say it gets in your blood and it has taken over mine.

9. My 3 favorite things of all time are reading, laying by the pool, or going to the beach.

10. One of these days I hope to move to St. Simons Island Georgia. I am just an all around better person when I am there and so so so happy.

Day 2-Picture of You and the Person you have been closest with the longest

The person I am closest to in the entire world is my bestest friend and roomate Kathleen Erlin Diener, or Kat as she likes to be called. I have only known her since moving to Nashville 5 years ago but she is super special to me. I moved here in June and she was here in October. The circumstances in which we met were not ideal, but we both were ready for new beginnings in our lives. It helped that we were both starting over and both needed a roomate. Needless to say, we became fast friends and remain closer than ever. Its funny because in the past people have gotten really jealous of our relationship which is PATHETIC to me. Whatever happened to being happy for people? We are so alike, but in a good way. We enjoy doing all of the same things, have the same interests, are both in the hotel industry, I could go on and on. Anyway, I adore her and cherish our friendship. There are so many hard times I couldn't have made it through without her. I am the amazing strong person that I am today because of her.

Day 3-5 Things you can't live without

Definitely my number 1. Love it love it love it. I can keep up with everyone
in one place. I check it first thing every morning.

My Blackberry. I am with Verizon so I am thinking of upgrading to an IPhone in October
but I don't know. I am dedicated to my Blackberry and cannot live without it.
My green Dell Laptop. I wanted Pink, but they were out, so naturally I picked the green one.
Don't know how I ever lived without a laptop.

My Pink and Green Tommy Hilfiger Bedding. I LOVE it and my bed. Just seeing
this every morning makes me smile. It is so warm and comfy and I swear I have
the best bed in the world. (The pic above is not my room)

My bestest friend and roomate Kat. She makes me smile and always knows just
what to say. I could not live without her!!!

So that's it! I am challenging myself to keep up with this! Take the challenge to and let me know when you start. I would LOVE to learn about all of you!


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