Thursday, March 3, 2011

Luxurious Living

This week I have had the pleasure of checking in 2 Black Amex Cards. Not people. Cards. I love these Cards and get such a thrill just holding them in my hand-if only for a moment. I always look at the people in awe and think wow. The power of that card. Of course being my nosy self, if its not a celebrity or someone that I recognize I immediately google them! One this week was a celebrity, but the other one appeared to be just an ordinary person-or he used a fake name! At any rate-I WAS SO JEALOUS!!!

I was looking over the "Requirements for Membership" one of which is that you have to spend $250,000 a year. The guy writing the article said this sounds hard to do. Am I in the minority here when I say I could spend that money amount with no help whatsoever? Of course I don't have anywhere near the money to ever ever ever be able to do that, but if I had the money I could probably spend that in a few days. What about you guys?

The most interesting aspect is that it creates a "brand buzz" around your name. Hello! I must not be the only person googling the name on the card when I get one. Very interesting stuff!

I most likely will never be able to obtain one of these coveted cards, however, it is fun to check people in when they have one!

Luxuries in my life change from time to time, obviously based on income. In the past year it seems I have learned to appreciate the little things in life more than ever. Some luxuries in my life include:

St. Simons Island, Georgia-Have been every year but 2 since I was 6 months old. Try to go every year.

My Pink Coach Purse or any coach bag. I have been rocking the one above
for the past year. I know I need a new one, but funds are tight and this is my favorite!

Books are such a luxury to me. Can't live without them and I LOVE bookstores and the library.
The one above is definitely a fav!
I love coming home and finding them in the mail. I get so excited to open them up!

Seven Jeans are my favorite. Hands Down. Love them and must have them!!!

So thats just a few of mine. I want to hear yours! And please follow me. I LOVE seeing new followers!


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