Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mini Vacay

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I was blessed to have. Last Thursday Kat and I were excited to find out that for the 2nd week in a row we had Sunday and Monday off together! We have been wanting to go to my parents house forever and sadly, I had not been there since Christmas! My schedule had not permitted me to go until this time so we spontaneously decided that Saturday after we got off work at 3 we would get in the car and head to Lexington!!!

The events between the time I left work and actually got home (my home in Nashville) are quite hilarious-now that I can actually look at them that way- but that is an entirely different post for another day this week. Ya'll will not believe what happened and I promise you will be in stitches by the time you are finished reading.

Finally got home about 3 (I left work at 1), threw some things in my Large Vera Bradley Duffel-my favorite because it is like Mary Poppins Bag, the thing is never full-and we were off to Lex Vegas. The weather was terrible driving home, but it was so worth it. When we got to Mom's the entire neighborhood was dark, except her side of the street, that was the only line of houses with power. The entire neighborhood behind her house was dark and across the street all the houses were dark. So weird and only in Lexington. Crazy.

We happily bounded in the door and I felt like I was on vacation for 3 days. I never thought I would ever ever feel like that going home. I have not had a vacation this summer at all and its funny how things change your perspective as you get older. A few years ago, home for 3 days would have been a nightmare for me, not I already can't wait to go back. That is such a wonderful feeling.

My Mom is the most wonderful cook ever and I mean ever. I am not just saying that because she is my Mom-everyone and I mean everyone, thinks so. When we got home that first night she had dinner waiting, the next night the whole fam came over and she cooked a wonderful meal! We even stayed until about 7 last night, but her appt ran late so we didn't get to enjoy it last night, but you better believe I brought leftovers home! In addition to seeing my Mom-which was the biggest treat of all, I got to see my brother Bo, who I know I have written about before, but I just adore him. All we did besides eat was sit in her beautiful backyard and read all day Sunday and Monday. It was pure bliss. Of course before we went we had all kinds of plans, but this is exactly what we both needed.

Rest, relaxation, and Mom's cooking was definitely more than I could have asked for and I enjoyed every single minute. Her backyard is absolutely gorgeous-as always-but this was the first year in this backyard and she has outdone herself again. Here are some pics! I am so proud of her! The woman can cook, garden, decorate, and sell the hell out of some real estate. I am so blessed to call her my Mom!

Here are some pics of her backyard where we spent most of our time:

Her Tomato Garden-Yummy!!! 

Our crazy golden Hallye who thinks if she gets out of my dad'd truck that she won't get to go to work with him! This is after they came home yesterday. She is so crazy but adorable!

It was a wonderful vacation that Kat and I both needed so much. Next time I will remember to take pics of the food!!!



  1. Glad you had a good time. And the pictures of your mom's home are lovely.

  2. Glad you had a nice trip. What a lovely backyard.


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