Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston

I know this post is a little late, but I had to write a post about Whitney. After all she made the first record that I ever owned (I was 5 years old at the time) andI  learned all the words to each and every song. I still remember the cover and know its at my Mom's house packed away somewhere.

It had "The Greatest Love of All" on it, which was one of my most  favorite songs of all time. I remember how cool I thought she was in the video for "I Wanna Dance with Somebody."  It was so totally 80s and I wanted to be just like her in that video. Over the years I did purchase every Album, Tape, or CD she ever made and really did think that she was the most talented woman I had ever ever heard. Her voice was truly that of an angel and as someone commented last week, God just lent us an Angel for awhile.

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Bodyguard. I have watched it probably 100 times and still never get tired of it. I had the soundtrack, the movie, everything, and this amazing woman had a huge impact on me. I remember when I was little my Mom got to go see her in concert and I was so jealous and angry at the same time. That should have been me I thought!!! She totally shaped music for me and was to me the greatest diva of all.

All of this leads me to what people have said about her and are saying since she passed away. As some of you know I have had my battles with addiction, just like she did. Addiction is a disease just like cancer or high blood pressure. You have to treat it just like other diseases and when we stop treating it we get sick. People that are saying she was a crack head and of course she died from drugs and all those horrible things MAKE ME SICK. I hope that people that ignorant never ever have addiction touch there lives or the life of someone they love. It is so easy to judge from the outside, but when you are in the middle of it like Whitney Houston was and I have been it is so much easier to use than to stay clean. I can't even imagine being in the spotlight and being a superstar like she was and to have all these demons haunt me and on the pages of every magazine in the world. Whether she died directly from drugs or not, they did cause her body a lot of wear and tear, more than a normal 48 year old woman's body. I am sad for many reasons, but even more so that another person  had to die from this terrible disease. I am so happy that her demons are no more and pray that she can finally rest in peace.

Her final album was also one of my favorites and when I listen to some of the songs it seems to me like she finally understood her disease and really knew, as most of us have to learn, that God was the only person she could turn to when dealing with her addictions. This song really speaks to me and all those haters need to stop judging, have some compassion, and maybe listen to this song.

Another thing that I really admired about her was that she never claimed to be perfect. She put her troubles out there and dealt with them the best she could, just like we all try to do. She never ever claimed to be 100% sober and maybe if she had lied and said so people wouldn't be so hard on her. Sometimes a lie that appeases people is easier than dealing with the truth.

I miss her already and will truly miss her amazing gifts. I am not one to idolize celebrities or anything like that, but I really do believe Whitney Houston was a special person. I hope she is finally at peace in heaven and is smiling down on us all. My heart goes out to her daughter, Bobby Christina.

Have a great week.



  1. I saw her live MANY years ago. I too am very sad for such a terrible loss. As I am entreing a different stage in my life, I understand how difficult it is for "outsiders," to judge your every little move. People can be so cruel, but also so very wonderful. It is hard not to listen or pay attention to the negative. One must focus on the PoSiTiVe. I keep those I trust very close to me and my circle extremely tight, and my ROSEY glasses on at ALL times!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. What a sweet tribute and like you, I choose to remember Whitney for her music, her voice, and the grace she brought to the world. All the best to you in being so candid and sharing your story. Your words will be read by others...your courage will be magnified...and the lives of those you may touch with your story will be immeasurable.

    Sending warm wishes your way,

  3. This is such a wonderful post dedicated to her - she was truly an amazing singer. "I wanna dance with somebody" will always be one of those songs that everybody knows, that make you want to burst out singing! I liked some of the songs on her last album also. May she rest in peace and her memory carry on.

  4. I loved the Bodyguard and used to walk around belting the song too. What a lovely tribute to her.

  5. I DEF had "I Will Always Love You" on repeat for months when the tape came out!

    I feel so bad for her daughter :(


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