Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling Pink and Preppy!

I did it! For three days now I have broken that relationship and I feel a little better each day. 3 days is not much in the grand scheme of things, but on the small scale, and in my life right now, it is SO much time! I won't say I am proud of myself for quite a while (like a year) but I can say I have done great up to this point. Now I must keep it going.

Now on to happier things! I don't know about anyone else, but that House Beautiful, the Power of Pink issue, made my month!!! I LOVED it. Just looking at those pages filled with pink really made me feel a lot better when I was sick. There was an article in there, "The Born Again Pinkster", that I just loved. My favorite point the author made was that Serotonin is pink. As soon as I read this there was a "ding, ding, ding" sound and something popped into place. That's it! Everytime I see pink my entire body just lights up. Every shade, every item, every use of pink just makes me smile. The entire issue made my soul light up! There was nothing better then picking up this magazine when I have been going through so much lately. My serotonin is most definitely pink and I am SO glad I am not the only one.

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The page in the issue that I hit that just made my day was the spotlight page on (drumroll please) Lilly Pulitzer for the HOME!!! OMG I was sooooooooooo excited. Hello Lilly for the home? What could be better? Everything on the page was ADORABLE. Just looking at the few items on the page, I was in heaven.
Of course everything can be purchased at

Some of my favorites, from what I have been able to find from the collection are:

How cute would this be in a sunroom or sun porch!

My serotonin just went HOT PINK!!! LOVE THIS!!!

I also adored everything on the Lilly page in the article above. All of it.

Here's to our future home's decked out in Lilly!



  1. I know, I've been crushing on the lilly ottoman since I got the issue in last week. Ive been trying to find a price for it, but haven't had much luck.

  2. I am a Lilly LOVER too... I went to UK and am also a true-blue UK fan!


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